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"TC" Scissors LMI- C1-01300
TC Needle Holders LMI- I4-06220
Extracting Forceps LMI- 1005
Crown Instruments LMI- 2061
Fancy Professional High Quality Barber Scissors LMI- FPHQBS-909
Nail Cutters LMI- NC-5001
Hollowware Instruments LMI- 835
Hollowware Instruments LMI- 796
Ear Marking Pliers LMI- 2019
Castroviejo LMI- SC-2065
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We would like to take this opportunity to announce that both of our directors are highly qualified. They have vast knowledge in international business law. They also have complete knowledge of basic raw materials and have vast experiences and capabilities to sensibly and systematically control any situation.

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Important News
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